Sammy J Peppers

Recently, we had snow storm, which we don’t normally get in this part of Canada. Due to that, I opted not to drive anywhere. Chris and I were sitting at home, going a little stir crazy, when we thought we would walk down the street to a local restaurant, Sammy J Peppers, for a date … More Sammy J Peppers


Chris has everything, so picking something to get for his birthday was hard. Instead of buying him a thing, I decided it would be better to take him away for a weekend. We have talked about going to Seattle, and exploring, ever since Chris moved here two years ago, so as a surprise, I booked … More Seattle


With 2017 now here, I’ve been hearing and reading about are people yelling the mantra, “new year, new me”. I think it’s great that people want to better themselves, but why chose the new year as your excuse? Last year was a roller coaster. There were many ups I must admit, from a promotion at … More 2017

Big Ridge Brewing

When a friend tells you that you should try the brewery by their work, you make a lunch date immediately!  Big Ridge Brewing is located in South Surrey, just off Highway 10. It is surrounded by commercial buildings and different shops and restaurants.  The brewery has two sides, a bar side and a restaurant side; … More Big Ridge Brewing