6 Months of Kenzie

I’ve been taking the past 6 months to soak in all motherhood has to offer. While my pregnancy wasn’t what I imagined, motherhood is everything I dreamed of and more. Today, my daughter, Kensington, turns 6 months old. I thought, to get back into the swing of things and my first post back, I’d tell you all about my birth story.

(It is long…so read with caution!)

My due date was on December 30. That day, after an intense snowstorm, and in the coldest weather we’ve ever had, I went and got a cervical sweep Dec 30 @ 10am. It can sometimes cause early labour symptoms but I had No early labour symptoms except cramping.

I then went on with my day and decided to take a nap from 5-7pm since I was feeling fine. After my nap Chris and I had dinner and we watched some tv. When we were about to go to bed the contractions started at 12:30am Dec 31, and were close together and long right away. It kind of felt like intense  cramps with an upset stomach and pressure. They recommend tracking only a few in an hour but we tracked every contraction for an hour and a bit, until they got worse. We did this because my mom was so quick in labour with me, I didn’t know if I would be the same. 

At about 1:30am we called the midwife and said I need to go to the hospital and she said she wasn’t sure I’d be ready but we’ll meet there and check how dilated I was. I threw up while getting ready to leave because of the intensity. 

I then had a check at the hospital at around 2:40am and was 4-5cm dilated. 

At 3am, the hospital told us that we were being diverted to another hospital due to no room, and the midwife couldn’t come because she only had privileges at RCH. 

My contractions were so intense that the midwife suggested we wait for an hour and check again before moving to another hospital based on my family history and how I was feeling.

We left labour and delivery to go try and walk around the hospital but I couldn’t walk around. The contractions were too intense and the pressure was too much. I had to stand and lean into Chris while I was having them. I couldn’t talk during or after them because I was just so focused on getting through. 20 minutes after that, I felt the need to push.

Called the midwife to check again at around 3:25AM and was checked at  3:45am, and was fully dilated. They asked if my water had broken and I didn’t think so (turns out it did while I was waiting).

They found a room for us but it wasn’t set up so I was on the bed feeling lots of pressure and because it was happening so quickly I couldn’t have any drugs but tried the laughing gas (which I didn’t find did anything for me), and started pushing about 4:10am. 

Her heart rate was a bit sporadic while pushing so they kept trying to get me to change from pushing on my back and then on either side which I found the moving around a bit difficult. They wanted me to try hands and knees but I refused as I didn’t think it would be as beneficial. 

After 30 minutes of pushing, Kensington Patricia Louise was born 4:40am, weighing 7lbs 4.1oz and measuring 19.68 inches long.

Huge shoutout to Inlet Community Birth Program for their amazing care during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum.

My postpartum journey has been relatively easy – much easier than I expected. We joke we have a unicorn baby because since month 2, she has been sleeping through the night consistently.

These past 6 months have been nothing short of amazing and I am so in awe of Kenzie every day. 

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