Grouse mountain

With restrictions still in place in BC, Chris and I have been trying to find fun, outdoor activities to get us out of the house, while still staying safe and healthy.

Neither of us skis or snowboard, but we thought it would be fun to explore Grouse Mountain. We booked tickets for the gondola that takes you up and down the mountain. They are really good about making you book a time slot so it isn’t too busy, however, they do try to fit as many people in at once which made us a bit uneasy. We were able to keep our distance though.


Once we got to the top of the mountain, we went to the lodge to check out the view from the observatory. We were lucky we got a super clear day because the view was unreal.


We decided we wanted to go sledding so we went and rented some from the guest services. They were $5 each for unlimited time. We each got one, but realistically, we only needed one.


We headed over to where you could sled and there were two hills. It was a fun way to kill time and feel like a kid again.

After doing that for a while, we went to grab a snack to wait for it to get dark. Grouse has a nighttime light walk that we really wanted to check out.

The walk was really neat. It was well done in the fact that it was all one way, and you never felt like you were too close to anyone.

If you’re looking for a fun date idea or family activity, I highly recommend taking a trip up Grouse!

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