Bruncheria Cafe

Brunch is probably my favourite meal. My friend Cassidy and I love to go to new restaurants together. She has an egg allergy, so brunch is sometimes harder for her. We found a little place in New Westminster that neither of us had tried before.

We met at Bruncheria Cafe, which looked super cute on the outside. However, when we went inside, it wasn’t quite what we expected. We went in and it was a mixture of a cafe and a cafeteria. Cassidy and I grabbed a table and a menu and looked it over. They had a pretty large menu with many options. We both chose to get brunch bowls. They were made with eggs (Cassidy’s sans egg), potato, peppers, onions and pulled pork.


You have to go to the counter and order so I also got a coffee and a water which were served in paper cups you find in cafeterias. Our food came out in paper bowls on metal trays. The food was really good, but if you’re going for a fancier brunch place, this isn’t it. However, if you are looking for good food at a good price, this is a place for you!

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