The last day of our honeymoon was spent in Brussels. We took the train from Cologne to Brussels since we would be flying back to Manchester from there that night. We arrived in the morning and found lockers to keep our bags in the train station.

We decided to walk into the center of town and hopefully find some waffles along the way. I mean, what’s better than Belgian waffles than waffles in Belgium? While we didn’t find any waffles on the way, we had to make a quick stop to buy a toque because it was SO COLD. After that, with still no waffles in sight, we did come across the old town square called the Grand Place. Here there was a cathedral, shops and a museum that we walked through.

The museum was really neat because it gave you the entire history of the city, from being burned down and rebuilt, to surviving artifacts, to a room dedicated to a peeing baby statue (yes, it’s an actual thing in the city).

From there we decided to explore a bit more and make our way to the Palace. On the way, we found a church that we could walk through. It was as incredible as all of the churches we had come across on our European trip. It was a working church that wasn’t set up like a tourist spot. It was like we found our own little secret in the city.

After walking through the church, we found a garden across the street that had statues and fountains and was on the way to the place. We eventually made our way to the palace. It is a working Palace, like Buckingham Palace in London, but it was quiet. There were no tourists around but us which was a nice, but strange, sight.

There was a park not far that we took a stroll through before we had to head back to the train station to then head to the airport. We took our time and tried to enjoy the last little bit of our honeymoon. It was 10 amazing, full, exhausting days with 11 different cities and 7 different countries. Chris and I had the best honeymoon we could have asked for.

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