We arrived in Budapest after 11 hours on the train to Vienna and then 2 hours on a second train to Budapest. Since we were first class, we were given a sleeper room with 2 beds, a mini bottle of champagne each, and a few more goodies. In the morning we were both served breakfast in bed while we watched the Austrian countryside.

In Budapest, we had no plans other than going to the thermal baths. We walked about 30 minutes from the train station to the baths taking in the sites and stopping for ramen for lunch.

The thermal baths are in a palace with 3 outside and countless inside. We spent the majority of our day testing out each different bath and getting drinks along the way.

After the thermal baths, it was time to find dinner before heading to our night train to Berlin. We found a cute little restaurant that had been there for over 100 years. I ordered a salad and Chris ordered the schnitzel. The food was delicious.

However, (since we always try each other’s food) Chris tried my salad, and there must have been nuts as the base of the dressing because he was sooo sick (Chris has a severe nut allergy). We managed to get him to the train where he fell asleep right away. We definitely won’t ever forget Budapest.

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