We woke up in Florence and decided to spend the morning in Pisa since we didn’t have to spend money on the ticket. It only takes about an hour to get from Florence to Pisa so it made sense to make the trip. 


When we arrived in Pisa, we walked down small streets that had amazing buildings and architecture, much like Genoa. We wanted to make our way to the leaning tower but needed some fuel for the journey. We found a cute little Italian cafe that had amazing pasta and pizza. 


Soon, we arrived at the tower. It is unreal. I think the most amazing part was that I didn’t realize how beautiful the buildings around it were. Not only is there the famous tower, but also a cathedral. 

Since we weren’t staying long, we took our photos of the area, then walked through the cathedral. The amount of detail that went into the artwork, flooring, statues, you name it is incredible. 


We rushed back to Florence so that we could go through the Duomo before it closed. With train delays, we didn’t think we would make it in but managed to be the last people let into the building. 

The outside is breathtaking. Words and pictures don’t do it justice. Because of all the detail on the outside, and from seeing the inside of others, we had expected the inside to be as detailed as the outside. Don’t get me wrong, it was beautiful, but simplistic and plain compared to the others. 

After walking around inside, we went for gelato (because Italy!). It was then getting late and everything was starting to close. 


We had looked up where the real “David” by Michelangelo was and found it in an inconspicuous building tucked away in a small street. The cost was €12 each to go see it but we figured we had some time to kill so why not?

We hadn’t reserved tickets so the line up outside was quite long. We waited it out and once we got in we were told it was a free day and we didn’t have to pay! 


We walked through many other paintings and sculptures before coming to the “David”. Seeing photos, you don’t really realize how big the statue actually is. It stood about 15ft tall and was a massive presence in the room. 

Our night train to Budapest via Vienna was fast approaching so we went on the search for dinner. We came across this cute little covered patio that had fresh pasta and really good wine! We sat in and I ordered the fettuccine alfredo and Chris ordered the lasagne. We shared a bottle of red Tuscan wine. After our meals, we decided to share a cheesecake with chocolate sauce. It wasn’t like any other I’d had before. It was unreal. 

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