Our train from Zurich got us in at 11pm so we checked into our hotel and decided to just stay in. We were so tired from the previous travel days that we just had some wine and watched a movie in bed. We had booked into B&B Hotel Genova and it was a little bit more budget than we had expected. However, it had a bed, a shower and served breakfast in the morning so we couldn’t really complain. 

The next day, after eating in the hotel, we kept our bags with reception and decided to explore the city. We were staying near the old town which had so many different palaces and churches we couldn’t wait to explore. 

We started with the Museo di Palazzo Reale which was incredible. It only cost €6 each and was well worth it. We were able to see old artwork and furniture. However, the most breathtaking part was the ceilings. 

As we were leaving, we could hear big bangs, but didn’t think much of it because we were right beside the port. But we’ll get back to that later. 

We continued down the street until we came across a church. We went inside and toured around. Honestly, each church we found was more elaborate and detailed than the last. 

When we left the church, we could still hear the banging and then saw a huge flash of light. We quickly realized we were in the middle of a thunderstorm. It was warm out, so we figured it would just be a dry storm. We were VERY wrong. 

Going through the old town you find little mazes of alleyways that are converted into streets. The streets are so narrow it’s hard to walk two by two, yet there are still shops and houses littered throughout them. 

The rain started to get really bad so we figured we should find somewhere to go for lunch. We looked up the best pizza places and found one called Exultate, in what was basically a square of pizza shops. On the way, we walked through the alleys and were surprised to find we’d walked down the one that had prostitutes in every doorway. Needless to say, we started walking faster and got to the restaurant in no time. 


We ordered a prosciutto pizza to share and each had a glass of Italian wine. Both were absolutely amazing! 

The rain stopped after lunch and we went to the next palace, Palazzo Ducale. It had an art exhibition on with pieces from the 1920’s. 

Once we went through we decided to have a slower afternoon sitting in a coffee shop drinking Americanos. We walked back to the hotel along the Mediterranean and hopped on a train towards Florence. 

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3 thoughts on “Genoa

  1. It was nice to read your experience in Genoa, as I was there two years ago and it brought me back some nice memories 🙂 happy new year, cheers from Portugal, PedroL

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