Wedding Reception Round 2

Since Chris is from England, we wanted to be able to share our wedding celebrations with all his family and friends back home. We didn’t have a lot of time but we wanted to make the most of it.

We flew with British Airways to London before catching a train up to Manchester where Chris’ best friend Danny and his girlfriend Rachel picked us up to take us to Burscough.

We arrived on the evening of Wednesday and our reception was on the Saturday so we had a few days to recoup and adjust to the new time.

Saturday came around quickly. Fiona (my mother-in-law), Carol (Chris’ aunt) and I went into Ormskirk to get our hair and makeup done for the day. We spent the afternoon there before going to the venue to get ready.


We found out the night before that Fiona and Ian had booked us a room at Briars Hall, where our reception was held, so we could get ready there and not have to rush to leave. Fiona had brought over my wedding dress in the summer, so I was able to wear that for the reception.


Fiona and Ian (my father-in-law) had gone all out for something we thought was casual dinner and drinks. They got us a photo booth, candy bar, DJ, light-up dance floor and a mini wedding cake. We were so unbelievably happy and surprised.

There were so many people that came to celebrate with us – we were in awe. We ate amazing food, had lots of drinks and danced all night long (well my friends and I did anyway).


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