Vinoscenti Vineyards

I was well aware bc has its own little wine country in the Okanagan. But I had no idea that there were some great hidden gems located in the lower mainland too!

For my friend Kat’s birthday, I booked us a wine tasting and tour for 2 (thank you Groupon!) at a cute little winery called Vinoscenti Vineyards.


Vinoscenti vineyards is located in Surrey and owned by Dr. Lee. Dr. Lee is usually traveling around the world to different wineries, but this time, we were lucky enough to have him do our tour.


He is so full of energy and humor, he really made the tour interesting and fun. We walked around the vineyards learning fun wine facts, and seeing where they grow their wine. When we were done, we were taken into the tasting room where we taught how to properly taste. We were given 4 tasters to make sure we got it right.

Once we were done, Kat and I shared a charcuterie board and a glass of wine before stocking up with a few bottles each and stumbling home!

If you’re in the lower mainland, I highly recommend going out and trying one of our local wineries, especially Vinoscenti vineyards!

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