Chris’ 26th Birthday Weekend in Seattle

For Chris’ 26th birthday, as our tradition continues, I took him to Seattle for the weekend. We drove down on Friday evening after work. The drive was seamless and we arrived in Seattle around 7pm. To change things up, we decided to stay in a different hotel than usual, in a different part of the city. We chose to stay at the Even Hotel in South Lake Union.

When we arrived, we were told that our room had been upgraded to a corner suite on the top floor of the hotel. We went straight up and we were wowed by our room. It had a view of the lake, the comfiest bed ever, and a mini home gym in the living area. To make things even more special, they left a card and treats for Chris’ birthday. We were both quite tired after checking in, so we went for a low key dinner before turning in for the night.


Saturday was Chris’ actual birthday, and we woke up to a gorgeous, sunny view of the lake. We had a lazy morning before going on the hunt for breakfast. I had planned out the entire day so we were able to try new things that Seattle had to offer.

We started out with breakfast at Serious Pie & Biscuit. They sat us upstairs where we ordered mimosas, and egg skillets with biscuits. The food was unreal. While we didn’t order them, the pizzas that were coming out of the kitchen looked delicious.


The next stop for our day was the Bill Speidel Underground Tour. I had prebooked tickets and we still had some time to get there, so we decided to take the 45-minute walk to Pioneer Square from the lake to enjoy the weather. We stopped off in Pike Place Market on the way.

When we arrived, there were so many people on our tour that they had to split us up into 2 different groups. Our tour guide was Leila and she was hilarious. She filled the tour with dad jokes and rapping.

The tour started with a 15-minute explanation of who was who before Seattle was Seattle and a brief overview of the history. Straight after we were taken across the street where we explored the underground tunnels that are still in the city. The entire experience took about 75 minutes.

The third stop of the day was Smith Tower. I actually found tickets on Groupon and I was quite impressed. Smith Tower is a short walk from the tour, so we were there in no time. When we walked in and got our tickets, we walked through a mini-museum that was really well done. It told you all about Seattle in the ’20s, what the prohibition was like and how the tower was built and used. The tower itself is actually still in operation with a tonne of businesses renting out office space.

When you’re done walking through, you go to an old elevator where you are taken to the 35th floor. When you walk out, you are actually in a restaurant, but the scenic deck is straight ahead. When you walk around the entire level outside, you see all the parts of the city. I liked it a bit better than when we did the Space Needle because you can actually see the workings of the city. Chris and I then sat in the Prohibition Bar where we ordered delicious cocktails and enjoyed the view as the sunset.

My last planned stop was Taylor’s Shellfish Farms. I had heard great things about they oyster varieties sold here, and the cocktails that can accompany them. We ordered a dozen oysters and a cocktail each and enjoyed the atmosphere.

By this time we were ready for dinner, so we hopped in an uber and headed back towards our hotel. Chris chose to go for chowder for dinner, so we ended up at Duke’s Seafood and Chowder. It is a little restaurant right on the water. We ordered their award-winning clam chowder in bread bowls, and it was evident why it was award-winning.

All in all, we had a non-stop weekend, but the best time sightseeing together.

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