GLOW Christmas – Langley

Chris and I had never been to Glow Christmas Langley before. Only this year did we go to the Harvest Glow Langley, so we wanted to give it a try.

We had reserved tickets for the 6pm to 7pm time slot and actually arrived a little early. The staff were great and let us go in before our time slot. The first thing we did once we got in, was scope out the food. There was a great selection of food trucks around, but we went with our favourite, the Reel Mac and Cheese Truck.

We then made our way inside to sit down and listen to the live music while we ate. It didn’t take us long, so quickly after we started walking through the lights. The theme of this year was a passport through the countries. After each country you walked through, you received a stamp in your passport in which you collected your prize at the end. Downside? It was only for kids. I would have loved to participate!


Before we walked through, we stopped at the bar to get some drinks to take with us. This was presented by JRG’s company Blank Canvas.

The lights were amazing, really showcasing each country. We walked through the Republic of China, India, The Netherlands, Mexico, France and England. Each country’s ‘tourist spot’ was lit in Christmas lights. It was so much fun to walk through.

When we were done, we walked through all the stores that were set up. From clothes to flowers, to soaps, to more food – the options were endless.


If you didn’t want to shop, there were free carnival games to play as well.

All in all, Christmas Glow was a lot of fun. I can see it being even more fun if you bring children. Make sure you go and check it out before it ends on January 5, 2019.

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