The Science Behind Pixar – Science World

Every year for my siblings’ birthdays Chris and I buy them one outfit, and let them pick something that we can do to spend more time together. For Ethan’s 6th birthday this year, he chose Science World.


Science World is great because there is always so much to do. There are films in the IMAX, different exhibitions, tonnes of games and activities for kids, but things that also interest the adults. When we went this year, the big exhibition was The Science Behind Pixar. I was really excited because, as a big Disney fan, Pixar comes hand in hand.


Before we went in (tickets were extra on top of admission and you were given a time slot) we walked around the usual activities, Ethan playing the entire time. We then grabbed lunch at the legendary Triple O’s, and then watched a Panda film in IMAX. By the time we did everything else, it was our time slot to go in.


When you first walk in, you watch a quick 5 minute video explaining the Science Behind Pixar. You’re walked through every step a Pixar film goes through from the idea to the finished product.

After the video, you’re taken into a room that has things you can play with, make, or learn about for each step of the process. We were able to make clay figures, make backdrops, add in some finishing detail, and play around with the lights.


It was a lot of fun and a really interesting exhibit. If you have kids, know some kids, or are just a big kid yourself, I highly recommend checking this one out. The Science Behind Pixar runs until January 6, 2019.

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