Guo Pei: Couture Beyond

I have lived near Vancouver all of my life, and I had never visited the Vancouver Art Gallery. It wasn’t that there wasn’t exhibits on that I wasn’t interested in, but it was just one of those things that was always there.


Since I started a new job, I have this new luxurious thing called weekends. On my first real weekend off, Chris and I went into Vancouver to go check out the Guo Pei: Couture Beyond exhibit.


It was a cooler day so I chose to wear my American Eagle fuzzy bomber jacket (similar), with my Forever 21 Paris sweatshirt (similar), Nordstrom ripped jeans (similar) and Primark black Chelsea boots (similar).

With the admission to the art gallery, you are able to visit all of the exhibits, but we started with the one I was most interested in. Guo Pei is a Chinese fashion designer whose fashion shows always have a flair for the theatrics.

All of her collections are done with the most care and detail. Each design tries to out-do the last. As you walk through the exhibit, the amount of detail and work that goes into each piece is incredible. One of her most famous pieces is the Rhianna yellow Met Ball dress, which is included in this collection.


As I walked through all the different fashions and periods, my breath was taken away. My love for fashion and couture grew with each design that I saw. You can definitely tell that Guo Pei’s love for fashion is insurmountable. She will do everything she can to make her next runway collection more elaborate and exquisite than the last.

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