Our First Week Using Fresh Prep

In our household, we love food. We love to cook, but sometimes we are just WAY too tired to put in the effort of deciding on a fun recipe, prepping all the food, and then finally cooking it. We both work full-time jobs, and sometimes food gets pushed to the side when it is so easy to order delivery. We recently food a solution to this problem – Fresh Prep.

We had heard all the radio ads, seen all the influencers posting about it on Instagram, and then I decided, let’s just try it. You pay week by week so you can cancel at any time, or opt out of a certain week if you aren’t feeling the recipes or just don’t want it.

For our first week, we got a promo rate since we had never ordered from here before. We opted for two meals that week, at two servings per meal. We were able to pick our delivery day and time, so it was super convenient, and if we weren’t in, they would just leave it by our door in the sealed cooler bag.


Our first meal was Shrimp Orecchiette. It was great that they sent every single ingredient that we needed, already prepped for us so that the meal only took 30 minutes to cook. I was a bit hesitant about having ‘fresh’ food sent to us, but I was pleasantly surprised. The food was delicious. All the ingredients held up really well, and the directions were super simple.


Our second meal was Mongolian Beef Stirfry. Again, everything was prepped just for us. Apart from one pot to make the rice, everything else was made in one pan. So not only did it not take long to make, the clean up after was just as fast.


This meal was as easy as the first and tasted just as good. The portion sizes were spot on and even though we didn’t make this one the day we received it, it still tasted super fresh and flavourful.


We really enjoyed our first week with Fresh Prep and will definitely be using it every week going forward. It’s so nice to have recipes we wouldn’t normally think of making for ourselves. It keeps our meals interesting, and way healthier than ordering takeout!

I highly recommend trying Fresh Prep, even for just a week. Believe me, you’ll love it. Use the following link for three free meals to give Fresh Prep a try! https://www.freshprep.ca/?r=1b9x~8qo54https://www.freshprep.ca/?r=7vzh_z1tnj

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