Grand Canyon – Arizona

While we were staying in Sedona, we decided to drive up to the Grand Canyon since neither of us had seen it before. The drive from Sedona to the Grand Canyon National Park is about two hours. It consists of winding hills, viewpoints, and for us, the iconic Route 66.

On our drive, we stopped at a lookout called Oak Creek Vista Overlook. There were mini stalls set up selling handmade jewellery and gifts. The viewpoint looked out over a canyon and the mountain we had just driven up. After taking in the sights, we decided to carry on. Throughout our drive, we keep seeing signs saying ‘flash flood area’. We figured it was still hot enough out, that we wouldn’t need to worry. We were so wrong.
Once we were on the highway through Flagstaff towards the Grand Canyon, the skies just opened. Thunder and lightning, hail and flooding. Even with the cars wipers all the way up, we couldn’t see. I had to pull off of the highway into a parking lot just to wait it out. That parking lot ended up being on Route 66.
The storm didn’t last long and we continued on our way to the Grand Canyon. When you think about the Grand Canyon, you think it will look like it does in movies. All desert, drive straight up to the canyon and it’s there. That’s not the case at all. To get to the Grand Canyon you drive through a national forest that has so much wildlife it’s unreal. Elk roam up and down the streets, mountain lions are in the hills, along with so much more.
We parked and walked the trail to the lookout point, which was super crowded even though we had arrived late in the afternoon. The view is breathtaking. After taking some photos, we decided to walk along the trail about a mile down to the next lookout point and geological museum.
Chris and I wanted to watch the sunset from a different lookout point about a 40-minute drive away so we went back to the car. In the parking lot, a family of Elk walked right past us, and we watched as the baby fed from the mother.
When we arrived at the Desert View Watchtower lookout point, the sun was just about to set. We sat on the rocks in front of the view tower and watched the colours change above the canyon. Once it set we walked around the viewpoint and read all the plaques that were posted along. One was to memorialize a plane crash that happened in 1956 when two planes collided.

After exploring the Grand Canyon, we made the 2-hour drive back to our hotel in Sedona.

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