Sedona, Arizona

Chris took me on a trip to Arizona for my 25th birthday. Since it was a big birthday, we wanted to go explore somewhere we’ve never been. It also helped that Delta had given us a flight voucher for when they broke our baggage on a previous trip.


We drove down to Seattle and spent the night there, before waking up at 4am to catch our flight to Phoenix. The flight was short and sweet. Once we arrived we got onto a shuttle that took us to the rental car parkade. We had used our Air Miles to reserve a car through National, which was great because we then only had to cover the taxes. Once we got the car, we decided to upgrade, because we were going to be doing so much driving on our trip. We ended up getting a 2018 Toyota Camry.
The drive from Phoenix to Sedona is just under 2 hours. For us, it took a lot longer because we HAD to stop at every viewpoint. Don’t get me wrong, living in Vancouver is incredible. The view of the mountains every day is unreal, but the scenery in Arizona is something else. The rolling hills filled with cacti and greenery is beautiful.
Once you get into Sedona, your breath is literally taken away. The rocks are so red, photos don’t do it justice. Sedona is a very spiritual place where you can get your aura photo taken,  buy stones and crystals and have psychic readings on every corner. You can go for hikes through the red rocks and enjoy everything nature has to offer. It really is an incredible place, however, if we were to go back, we wouldn’t stay in Sedona again.
It is beautiful and we would make so many day trips here, but after 9pm, the town shuts down. Restaurants are closed, bars aren’t open, there is no nightlife at all. We were fortunate to stay in a resort, called Los Abrigados, which gave us a full suite. We had a bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen, which meant we could make dinner and have drinks in.

We had drinks by the pool and explored the little shops and admired the hills. I loved Sedona and would love to go back, but we would definitely stay in a town that had a little bit more going on at night.

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