Saying Goodbye To My Family Cabin

Since I was little I remember spending all of my summers with my grandparents at their cabin on the island. For over 20 years I have been visiting and exploring one of our hidden gems of the Southern Gulf Islands, Mayne Island. When our family decided to sell our cabin, as it wasn’t going to be used as much, my heart broke. Chris and I went on an extended weekend away to say goodbye.
We left after work on Thursday, to catch the last ferry out. When we arrived and unpacked our things, we threw a pizza in the oven and slipped right into island life. With little cell phone reception and no internet, we were able to fully disconnect and relax.
On Friday morning we woke up naturally with no alarms for a change. We had slept in late and decided to have a lazy day. We started off by reading our books, skipping breakfast and going straight for lunch at the Spring Water Lodge. We had an afternoon drink with a starter clam chowder and fish and chips.
After lunch, we went around the little village, before heading back to the cabin to immerse ourselves back into our books. The day flew by and before we knew it, it was time for dinner. We made spaghetti full of vegetables. We spent the night talking and drinking under the stars. On the island, there is near to no light pollution so we could see the stars perfectly.
On Saturday we set alarms to get up early. We had decided to take the ferry over to Victoria on Vancouver Island, to make the most of a rainy day. To save some money, we walked on, so when we arrived in Victoria, we took the bus into downtown. We went for breakfast at Cora’s and then made our way to the museum to take a look at their feature exhibit on Egypt. It was quite a great exhibit, however, it was super busy in the museum. When we were done, we grabbed a coffee and walked around before grabbing a bus back to the ferry.
We had a nice afternoon, in Victoria, and when we arrived back at the cabin, it was time for dinner. We made rice, salad and pork chops. Again, we sat on the deck and enjoyed our last night under the stars.
We had a later ferry back on Sunday so we could have another relaxing, slow day. We made French toast and bacon for breakfast. Again, lost in our books, we spent the beginning of the afternoon reading. When we got a bit restless, we decided to walk,  or rather climb, along the beach to the lighthouse. At the lighthouse, we watched the seals play in the ocean and spotted an eagle in the trees.
Unfortunately, it came time for us to go back to and collect our things to go back home. I enjoyed our last full weekend at the cabin, it was the perfect way to say goodbye.


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