Scandinave Spa – Whistler

You don’t have to ask me twice to enjoy a spa day. Only a two and a bit hour drive away from Vancouver, you’ll find a slice of heaven hidden amongst the forests of Whistler. The scenic drive from Vancouver, up the sea to sky highway, to Whistler, sets the scene for a relaxing day.
Once you arrive at Scandinave Spa, you walk through a small forested path to the main lobby. You are checked in with the best service, and given two towels, a robe and a lock and key.
You then proceed downstairs to the locker room where you can put on your bathing suit and get rid of your phone for the day in your locker. This no talking, no electronics spa is the best way to disconnect, and fully relax.
The spa is equipped with steam rooms, saunas, hot tubs and cold pools. The whole premise of this spa is hot, cold, relax, repeat. This whole system, which goes back ages, is used to improve your circulation and help you with detoxification.
There are so many places where you can sit back and relax such as hammocks in the hills, chairs around the fire pit, sitting out on the deck or in the sunroom. I highly recommend taking a book to fully relax with, or even take a quick cat nap.
If you are looking for a bit more than ‘hot, cold, relax’, you are also able to book a massage. The spa offers many different types to choose from. By booking a massage, you also have access to full facilities.
If you are looking for somewhere to disconnect and rejuvenate, I highly recommend the Scandinave Spa.


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