Happy Hour at Bow and Stern

I tend to try new restaurants in Downtown Vancouver as there are so many to choose from. Not only that, but it is super convenient to get to. However, I have found a little gem in Downtown Abbotsford.
I was out that way to meet my friend Tiffany when she suggested we should go for happy hour at a restaurant called Bow and Stern. When we pulled up, it was hidden amongst many shops and bakeries. When you walked inside, it was like walking into a Vancouver restaurant.
I was pleasantly surprised at how open and bright the entire restaurant was. It had so many cute, unique touches that I hadn’t expected to find in Abbotsford. It had class and luxury without being in your face. Even though it had a fancy feel, it also felt like a place you could come with your friends just to chill and hang out.
 Since it was happy hour, we decided to order the house red wine, and oysters to share. Both were amazing. Tiffany and I were still a bit hungry so ordered appetizers for ourselves. I, of course, ordered the Mac and cheese, while Tiffany ordered the crab cakes.
I was so impressed with this restaurant. I can’t wait to go back and try entrees rather than just appetizers

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One thought on “Happy Hour at Bow and Stern

  1. Looks good, we try to do this around the world on our travels and we’ve had some beauties in Europe especially, Rome, Budapest, Madrid, Beaune, Prague, Bruges, Malaga, ………..

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