S+L Langley

When you think of Joseph Richard Group, you think of typical bars and pubs, drinks and easy food. When I heard about S+L Langley, I was so surprised that they were apart of JR Group. I have always heard this restaurant is the best place to get a steak. It also houses two amazing chefs. One was the winner of MasterChef Canada, and the other was a winner of Top Chef Canada.
Chris and I decided to check it out, always up for trying new places. We weren’t sure whether to go super casual or dress up a bit, so we decided to go casual-cute; it was the right call. In the restaurant there was a mixture of super casual and dressed up, we felt like we fit in. It was dark, but there was a great atmosphere. There were quirky interior design details throughout, which made the restaurant inviting and fun.
We were seated and decided to get drinks right away. I ordered wine and Chris ordered a beer. We took a look at the menu; there was so much to chose from. We wanted to try everything. Of course, we got the oysters to start. For our entrees, I decided to go with the steak, lobster mashed potatoes and asparagus with cheese sauce. I was delighted to learn that the steak wasn’t just grilled, it’s put in a vacuumed sealed bag and boiled, before being grilled for texture. Chris went for the lobster and prawn linguini.
Everything was amazing. My steak was like cutting butter. It was so tender and flavourful. Probably the best steak meal I’ve ever had.
We loved our meals so much, we wanted to try to desserts as well. I ordered the fresh baked cookie and Chris ordered the creme brûlée. The desserts were the cherry on top of a perfect meal.
I cannot say enough good things about S+L Langley. The food is incredible, and I can’t wait to go back and try more!

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