My Dream Dressing Room

One downside of living in an apartment is the closet space. There is nothing worse than small closets overflowing with your favourite clothes. I often sit there and envision what my dream closet would look like.
First thing, space. A large room with built-in shoe and purse shelving walls full of hanging and folded clothes. Everything would have its own spot, and everything would be visible. However, it’s not just the square footage and fabulous clothes and accessories that make a dream dressing room, it’s what you can do with it to liven it up.
My Dream Dressing Room
My dream dressing room has a large chandelier hanging from the ceiling, making sure you have just the right light. On the far wall, a chaise lounge, somewhere friends can hang out while you play dress up, or a place to lay down when you’re tired of trying to find something to wear. In my dream dressing room, I also need a dream mirror. The mirror needs to start on the floor and be taller than you. Lastly, the dream closet needs to feel warm. The best way to do that is with a large area rug. Adding a little bit of pattern makes the room more fun.
There are so many great places to find decor for your dream dressing room, but I would highly recommend Arhaus. They carry everything to suit your needs, and they follow the latest trends. Like how amazing would it be to have a large chandelier in your dressing room?! They have so many beautiful hanging lights to choose from.
What would your dream dressing room look like?


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