Montreal Day Two

We woke up to rain, which was kind of a relief since we also woke up to sunburns. Due to the weather, we decided that we would have a museum day.
Not far from our hotel was the fine arts museum that many people had raved about to me. Aside from the regular exhibitions, they were also running exhibits called “Revolution” and “Love is Love” by Jean-Paul Gaultier.
The museum was huge and the entry to see everything was very reasonable. Set up in different sections, each with at least three floors to see, we spent most of our day here.
After the fine arts museum, we were getting a bit hungry. We had heard about Reuben’s where you could find their world famous Reuben sandwiches and strawberry cheesecake. The hype was true. The food was unreal.
We did a bit of shopping after lunch before going back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. Since we had such a large meal, we decided to go for something a bit lighter for dinner. We’d been told to try Juliette et Chocolat for Montreal’s best crepes and milkshakes.
This place was really was chocolate heaven.  After having the most delicious crepes, and a milkshake to share, we walked around the city losing track of time getting caught in conversation, before calling it a night.

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