What To Wear To Any Wedding

Wedding season is well under way. This can lead to a lot of stress, for both men and women, on finding the perfect outfit for any type of wedding. I have put together three different types of outfits that will make any stress go away.


Destination Beach Wedding

For a destination beach wedding, you want to keep it a bit simple. Fabrics that flow will look amazing from the water breeze. Incorporate some beachy feels in your accessories, such as a wooden bag, and you will fit right in. For your date, go for a simple short sleeved button up with small details and loose fitting chino pants. Roll up the cuff of the pant so you don’t have to worry about sand and water.


Garden Wedding

For a garden wedding, you want to be dressed up, but not to much that you could be mistaken for a formal event. Ladies, floral print is your best friend. Pick a maxi dress that is loose and a bit boho. With open toed heels, simple jewelry, you will have the perfect outfit for an outdoor wedding. For your date, choose a short sleeved button up that accents the colour of your dress, with darker pants. Brown dress shoes bring this outfit alive, matched with a pop of colour in a tie.


Formal Wedding

Floor length gowns scream elegant. Pick something with seamless fabric, and a hint of detail, like lace or beading. Closed-toed pumps are a bit more formal than an open-toed heel. However, just because this is a formal wedding, doesn’t mean you have to feel stuffy. Play up your outfit with a slogan clutch and fun jewelry, mix up your metals, there are no rules. For your date, you want him to look like he stepped right out of a movie. Full piece suit, white dress shirt and a tie to match your dress. If you’re going for black leather shoes, make sure you go for a black leather belt. Lastly, have fun, pick up quirky cuff links to complete the look.


For weddings, the bride is the real star, but that doesn’t mean the guests can’t go all out as well. While women have many places to find what they need, Bonobos is a great place for men to shop. Online, they have EVERYTHING you would need for a wedding, or day to day life.

I know I like to have fun with my outfits, but what is your go to wedding look for either yourself or your date?

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