North Vancouver

When the summer weather hits, it makes me want to explore. Chris has lived here over 2 years and he had never taken the SeaBus over to North Vancouver.
On a day we both had off together, we decided to make the most of it. We jumped on the Skytrain to Waterfront station in Vancouver and then hopped on the SeaBus to have a day in North Vancouver.
The SeaBus doesn’t take long. Once you arrived, you are right at Lonsdale Quay. After grabbing a coffee, we headed into the quay, weaving in and out of all of the little shops and stalls with handmade, local goodies.
Walking around you could smell so many types of delicious foods which started to make us hungry. We weighed up the idea of eating in the quay and then decided to go for a restaurant setting.
We walked a little way, to the Shipyards, where we found Tap and Barrel. By this point, we were both starving and everything on the menu sounded great.
I ended up ordering a mint and cucumber gin and tonic to go with my spicy tuna Asian salad. Chris ordered a vodka soda to go with his pulled pork flatbread pizza. The food and the drinks definitely did not disappoint.
Before heading back to downtown Vancouver, we sat by the water and stared in awe at what a beautiful city lay on the other side.
North Vancouver is such a fun, quirky place to explore and only a short distance from downtown Vancouver. I highly recommend a visit if you can.


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