Transforming Any Look From Day to Night

Going from day to night with just a few minor changes is all about key pieces. If you have a hectic life like I do, you need to make sure all of your pieces are versatile. Accessories can help you transform your day look into a night look. I have found that AUrate pieces are super versatile in helping your outfits transform.

Changing a casual look, like the one you would choose to go shopping or hang out with your friends, could be a great start to change from day to night.

AUrate Day

I chose to start with a pair of leather pants and then add a girly flair with an H&M floral top, with an H&M bomber jacket. To finish it off I styled a pair of Adidas shoes. For a polished look, I added an AUrate long bar necklace with the matching ring to make a statement.

To move this look from day to night, I really wanted to highlight my favourite AUrate pieces. So that it was easier to transform my look, I kept the same pants. I just added a pair of black heels, with gold detailing to play off of the ring and necklace and an Abercrombie top with a black bomber jacket.

Aurate Night

These outfits are simple, but simple pieces can easily be transformed with a bit of flare. That’s why I love AUrate pieces, they have so much to chose from, whether it be a simple piece or a statement piece.

What is your favourite way to take any day outfit and transform it to one for the night?


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