The Floors at St.George’s Hall

Chris and I love history, museums and old architecture. We were quite lucky while we were in England; the Minton Floors in St.George’s Hall were uncovered for a short time.
The floors are rarely seen to keep them intact. The floor is so intricate and gorgeous. They are now in the middle of restoring the tiles to bring them back to life.
Chris, Fiona and I walked through Liverpool to St. George’s Hall to see the floors. We walked through the historic building, watching guests gather for a wedding in the hall, and exploring a courtroom before reaching the floors.
The room was breathtaking. The floors were sunk in allowing room for air to flow around them. At one end of the room was a huge organ and the other end had stairs. All of the doors look as though they belonged in Buckingham Palace.
It was pretty incredible to see a part of history that isn’t on display often. We were quite lucky to explore it.


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