5 Tips for a Double Date Night In

Going out for date nights can get expensive. Going for double dates can cost even more. When you’re out and about for a double date, after you eat, you want to feel like you can sit for however you want to talk and not feel like you’re being rushed out. That’s why my new favourite things are double date nights in. Here are my top 5 things to make a successful night.
1- Location
When you’re having a double date night in, based on the living situations of everyone, you have between 2 and 4 options. For our first double date night in, we chose my friends Cassidy’s and Ryan’s place. They were central to the Skytrain, so we could get home, and central to everyone’s work so it was convenient.
2- Food
This brings a little cost. However, the cost is up to you. One option is ordering in food, while another option is cooking. The latter can be cheaper if you have the right ingredients already in.
For our night, Cassidy and Ryan cooked for us. This was amazing because they are both incredible cooks. We were given a restaurant-worthy meal consisting of chicken, carrots, green beans and homemade mac and cheese (my favourite).
3- Drinks
You never want to have a shortage of alcohol. As the guests, Chris and I decided to bring the drinks. For four of us, we went through a case of beer and two bottles of wine.
4- Activities
For any date night, you never want to be bored, or feel like you should be doing something. Games are a great option but pick based on your audience.
For us, Cassidy has been learning how to do tarot cards, so we had a good time while she was reading them for us.
5- Good company
Double dates can sometimes feel forced. Luckily for us, Cassidy and I are great friends and Ryan and Chris get along famously. We never felt like we ran out of things to talk about or that we had to include the boys in every conversation we had. It made things easy and entertaining.
If you can incorporate all these 5 things into a double date, you will have a great night that will leave you smiling, much like we did!

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One thought on “5 Tips for a Double Date Night In

  1. Good company is so important. We’re introverts so we always try to find extroverts to balance us out.

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