Warby Parker Spring 2017

I have some exciting news, Warby Parker is launching their Spring 2017 collection of sunglasses…TODAY! I’m so excited to share with you, my favourite my sunglasses from the collection and how I would style them.
I am absolutely in love with the Aubrey sunglasses. They are girly yet sophisticated. These would be great to wear with a floral top and baggy boyfriend jeans. Simple yet feminine.
Staying girly, I love the Madison sunglasses. They aren’t too harsh on your face like some frames could be. I would pair these with an easy off the shoulder denim dress and little booties.
When you think sunglasses you think beach day. A beach day is universal and that is why I couldn’t pick just one style (sunglasses from left to right: Durand, Margot, Tilley).Throw on a tank and jean shorts over your cutest bikini and you’re set with any of these super stylish sunglasses.
When sunglasses make you feel like a movie star, why not act like one. Sorry, no paparazzi, please. These darker Aubrey sunglasses can transition from day to night. They gave me an Audrey Hepburn feel so I paired an all black outfit that could make you feel like you’re walking out of breakfast at Tiffany’s.
If you’re unsure of how these styles might look on you, Warby Parker has a great return policy if they aren’t quite right. I don’t know about you, but I am so excited to live in these sunglasses!

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