Sunday Brunch

I don’t get very many Sundays off where I have absolutely nothing to do. With the snow sticking around, Chris and I thought we would make use of our lazy Sunday.

Down the road from us there is a Townhall Public House that serves weekend brunch. We have lived in the same place for two years, and had never been. With $3 mimosas and $4 breakfast, how could you say no?


We walked down for brunch. By the time we woke up, there was no way we could still call it breakfast. It was Superbowl Sunday, but the restaurant wasn’t packed yet. We chose a table and took a look at the menu.

Chris and I were both hungry, so instead of ordering the basic $4 breakfast, we each ordered the $9 Euro breakfast, which included bacon and sausage, as well as a slice of tomato, on top of the basic breakfast. We also, of course, ordered mimosas and coffee.


Our food didn’t take long to arrive. While the food was good, I think I would have been okay with just the basic breakfast. I wasn’t a huge fan of the sausage that was included, and the tomato was cut too thin, so it just became mushy.

While I did have some minor complaints about the food, it won’t enough to stop me from going back and ordering something different.

If you do decide to take advantage of the budget breakfast, I would probably stay away from the Euro breakfast, it wasn’t enough to rave about.

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