Sammy J Peppers

Recently, we had snow storm, which we don’t normally get in this part of Canada. Due to that, I opted not to drive anywhere. Chris and I were sitting at home, going a little stir crazy, when we thought we would walk down the street to a local restaurant, Sammy J Peppers, for a date night. The walk was freezing and slippery, but well worth it.

We walked in to the warm restaurant, where we were seated right away. It was clear everyone else opted not to drive in the awful weather as well. We ordered a Bellini each and a meat and cheese board to start, minus the candied pecans due to Chris’ nut allergy.


The bread was still warm when the board arrived. The assortment of meats and cheeses was delicious and we devoured it quickly. It was so good we couldn’t wait for our mains to arrive.

Chris ordered a thin crust pizza, while I ordered a bacon, short rib mac and cheese with garlic bread. Oh my! It was probably one of the best mac and cheese dishes I have ever had. It was warm and gooey, with just the right amount of melted cheese. This was a new dish to their menu, but I can see it sticking around for a long time.


Our impromptu date night was worth braving the snow for. This is a restaurant I highly recommend.

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