Cassidy’s 25th Birthday!

When the first of your friends turns 25, you celebrate in style. Cassidy, or as we now call her, Grandmomma Cass, celebrated this milestone in January.


Cassidy chose to have dinner at Nuba, a Lebanese restaurant in Vancouver. In a change of pace, we all brought our significant others. Since there were so many of us, we all decided to order family style. This meant that we each chose which skewers we wanted, but shared three starting courses.

First came the humus and pita, then salad and feta and lastly, falafel, cauliflower and our skewers. I ordered lamb. The food was so good, and there was so much of it!

After dinner, to celebrate a major milestone of adulthood, we went bowling. We went down to the Commodore Lanes on Granville. We rented two lanes for two hours and had a lot of laughs, with a lot of friendly competition. I also really proved that I am awful at bowling.

11pm rolled around and we weren’t quite ready for the night to end. We quickly went and grabbed some drinks and headed to Chris’ work where we could sit up on the rooftop and drink.

It was so nice to sit around with everyone, drink out of bottles, sing and dance.

We celebrated Cassidy’s 25th in style. I can’t wait for the next big celebration.

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