Alouette Christmas Tree Farm

Every year my family and I go out to our local tree farm and pick our Christmas tree. Even though I’ve moved out with Chris, we still meet up every year for the experience.

We go to the Alouette Tree Farm every year, as it’s close by and convenient. Usually it’s just brisk and cold, but this year we had snow.

Usually we arrive, go to the animal barn and look at the bunnies and birds, and then hop on the tractor-train for a ride around the grounds. This year we didn’t do that because the train was cancelled due to the weather conditions.

We walked towards the Christmas trees where we stopped to sit by the fire and have some hot apple cider. It was nice to sit in the warmth, surrounded by loved ones.

Every year, before getting our tree, we walk over to the house where we have hot dogs and popcorn. We were quite disappointed this year when we arrived and found that they weren’t doing either.

Hungry, we quickly made it over to the trees where we inspected each one, before finding the perfect tree to take home. We cut down our tree, loaded it in the truck and took it home to decorate.


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