Army of Sass Vancouver

Army of Sass is a dancing group that has only one requirement, you must wear heels. You can be of all ages, sizes and experience. You sign up for 10 weeks of classes and then perform in front of a large audience.

My friend Laura was brave enough to test her confidence and signed up in September. We were so proud of her, we couldn’t wait to watch her Christmas performance at Celebrities Night Club in Vancouver. Army of Sass Vancouver put on their take on the Grinch.

We arrived on performance night, and grabbed a great spot to watch. There were very little chairs so it was basically standing room only. We all grabbed some drinks and waited for the show to start.

Soon, the room went dark and dancers dressed in lingerie and heels took the stage. The show lasted about an hour, with an intermission. Laura took part in two dances and rocked it! We were all so proud of her, it made us all consider joining as well.

Army of Sass is a great place to let off some steam and build up your self-confidence. Laura was never a shy, self-conscious person, but it was amazing to see her transformation from taking just 10 weeks of dance classes.

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