Sarah’s Birthday at The Parlour

One year ago, my friends and I made a pact, no matter what is going on in our lives, we would get together once a month. This includes birthdays, celebrations, holidays, you name it. We made this pact at Sarah’s birthday, at our first monthly get together, ever. It seems crazy that I am now reflecting on togetherness and Sarah’s birthday a year later. 

This year for Sarah’s birthday we all planned to meet at The Parlour, somewhere we had planned to go a year earlier to celebrate this amazing woman’s special day, but in our unpreparedness, didn’t make a reservation. This year we thought ahead and had it all planned and booked. 


I chose to wear my new Topshop dress with my Topshop faux leather coat. To finish off I threw on my Sephora wine coloured lipstick, Primark colour-block bag and my cut-out New Look boots.

Kat and I arrived a bit early and were starving. Our table wasn’t ready yet so we headed over to the bar to order drinks and a share plate. We ordered a meat and cheese plate to tie us over while we waited. As soon as our food arrived, so did our party. We had our share plate brought over to the table so we all could enjoy it. 

As soon as we finished the plate, we ordered Prosecco and another share plate before diving into the menu fully. 

Our appetizers were fantastic and I couldn’t wait for the pizza I was about to order. There were so many kinds that I couldn’t choose, so I ordered a half and half. We also ordered more wine and cocktails. 


The food didn’t take long to arrive. We all dived in right away. The pizza was amazing. Everyone else enjoyed theirs as well. 

We were all full after dinner, but we couldn’t pass up dessert. Sarah ordered a vanilla hazelnut cheesecake with Nutella. Everyone dug in to help her out.


It was an amazing night showering Sarah with love and thanking her for starting a year full of get-togethers and looking forward to a year to come. 

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I am a journalism graduate with a passion for storytelling. I have a love for fashion and travel which brought to life Fashionable Travels.

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