My Go-To Date Night Look

Date night is my favourite night. Depending on where we’re going means I get to play with all the clothes that are in my closet. I get to pick the one, most important, outfit that makes me feel sexy and confident. No matter what it is you chose to wear for your date night, when I choose mine, I make sure it is something that makes me feel hot.

No matter what everyone can see on the outside, it’s always what you pick to wear underneath. Lingerie is more important than it’s given credit for. I mean, come on, ladies, how great do you feel when you wear a matching bra and underwear. I’ll be honest, it doesn’t happen to me all that often, but on date night, picking the what-to-wear-under is as important as to what to wear over.

Adore Me is a fun new lingerie company that sells budget friendly sets for all sizes. I love online shopping for my clothes, now I love online shopping for my lingerie as well!

When Adore Me asked me to pick my favourite date night outfit, I couldn’t say no. If you know me at all, I have many different looks, depending on where I am going, who I am with and so forth.

On my date nights with Chris, I like to dress up. First, I start with the basics, lingerie. I like black, as I feel my most confident in it, with a bit of a girly flair (pictured – Adore Me). I like to keep it classic with a little black dress, with cute details such as lace or leather (pictured – Zara). I then like to add a pop of colour with the shoes(pictured – Aldo), or a fun bag. For the finishing touches I’ll add jewelry such as a statement necklace (pictured – Aldo) or a statement ring (pictured – Leah Alexandra)

I have shared my favourite date night look – what is yours?

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