Shopping Day Trip – Mexico

As a surprise, when we went to Flight Centre to pick up our tickets, our travel agent booked us a half day shopping excursion. This included a trip to a jewelry factory, a tequila shop, and a shopping district called 5th Ave.

Chris and I hummed and hawed over whether or not we should go, as we had planned to have a relaxing, no-plans vacation. We came to the conclusion that we should go and try it out. If we had a boring day, at least we would get free tequila.

We had two options for our excursion, leave at 10am or leave at noon. We wanted to have some time to lay out in the sun after, so we decided to go for the 10am trip.


Chris and I set an alarm for 7am so we could quickly get ready, and get breakfast at the buffet, before we had to meet our tour bus outside. After eating, we sat outside until our tour bus arrived, which didn’t take very long. We were the first to be picked up. After us, we picked up two more people before heading out.

The drive to the jewelry shop was about a half an hour. When we arrived, we were set up with an employee who walked us around, showing us the jewelry and giving us the history of the shop. We were given a $50 credit (which I didn’t use) and a free pendant with my Mayan astrology sign

When we were done at the factory, we boarded a little open-air shuttle and taken next store to the tequila shop. As soon as we walked in, an employee greeted us and took us over to the tequila counter. We were given lots of different tequila tasters, in all different flavours. The vanilla was my favourite.


Our last stop was 5th Ave. This was right beside our hotel, about a forty-minute walk from the resort. We were dropped off and given two hours to shop. Most of the shops can also be found at home, like Zara and Nike. Our vacation wasn’t a shopping trip, so I didn’t buy anything.

We walked away from the outdoor shopping mall and into a little town that had little family run shops. I found a kiosk that sold silver jewelry and I bought myself a silver ring.


Two hours was a little too long to go shopping on our relaxing vacation. We found a Starbucks where we had coffee to kill some time. Eventually, it was time to get picked up and we headed back to the resort.


We got back at around 3pm, so we still had plenty of time to lay by the pool.  The shopping excursion was fun, but I wouldn’t have rushed out to book it for myself.

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