Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Chris and I are all about travelling to explore new places. We love to be on the go and check out new spots we’ve never seen before. We love to live like the locals. The past year has been a tough one for us full of stress and leaving our emotions drained. We decided that it was time to take a trip where we could de-stress, unplug and disconnect to reality.

I had been to Mexico twice before, the most recent being four years ago for my step-grandparents’ anniversary, when our whole family went to Cancun. I had such a great time indulging in all-inclusive food and drinks while enjoying laying by the beach and pool side. I had raved about Mexico so Chris and I decided this is where we needed to go.

Mexico can be dangerous in parts so we wanted to make sure we were staying at a safe resort in a safe area. Rather than just booking something online, like we usually do, we went to Flight Centre to book through a travel agent. Our travel agent recommended the Riu resorts in Playa Del Carmen. After looking a few different ones, we chose the Riu Yucatan.

We woke up early to finish packing, drove straight to the airport and left my car at the Park’N Fly at YVR. We checked in and dropped our bags off at the Sunwing counter before going through security to get breakfast. We were quite early, and ended up boarding a bit late, so Chris had a nap while I caught up on my T.V. show Made in Chelsea.

When we boarded the flight, we both fell right asleep, staying asleep for the full 6 hour flight. Once we left the plane and went through the boarder, we continued to collect our bags (a very unorganized affair) before continuing to get our bags screened. Once your bag is screened, you continue to press a button which decides if your bag needs to be searched further. Luckily for us, our bags were picked. While the Cancun airport was quite unorganized, the airport security that searched our bags where very efficient and friendly. After that whole ordeal, we boarded the Sunwing shuttle and made the hour journey to our hotel.

The hotel lobby was a grand sight. It was lit with purple lights and full of tile. The hotel lobby staff were extremely friendly and helpful as well. They kind of gave us the lay of the land before giving us the key to our room.


Our hotel room was in a block of rooms just behind the lobby. We were on the third and top floor where we could over look trees from our balcony. Our room wasn’t over the top, but it was great for the week.

We had a king sized bed in an open room. A little doorway led into the bathroom that had a separate room for a toilet, a stand alone shower and a mini bar, with alcohol dispensers on top. Needless to say we were quite excited.

We had a quick drink, and of course a shot of Mexican tequila, before going down to the buffet for dinner. After dinner we went to the bar to have some drinks.

The rest of our trip was very similar. We slept late, laid by the pool, laid on the beach, ate too much, drank too much and watched the hotel entertainment nightly. Aside from the buffet, we were able to try the hotel’s Mexican restaurant, Asian inspired restaurant, Italian restaurant and Steak House restaurant. While we loved relaxing at the resort, we did leave twice to enjoy a shopping trip and explore the Tulum ruins.

Chris and I had a fantastic time disconnecting from our life at home just for a little bit. Mexico is a great place for a resort holiday, and I highly recommend it.

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