London Bull – Langley, B.C.

There is this striking restaurant that I occasionally drive past in Langley called London Bull. The outside is a dark metal with a distinctive logo painted on the side. It looks like an modern English Pub, that is slightly out of place.


Chris and I had been meaning to try it for over a year, and just didn’t have the time. With a busy summer coming to an end, we decided it was about time we go and try it.

When we walked in it was extremely casual, even seating yourself. We found a little table and waited to order drinks. I ordered a grapefruit cosmopolitan and Chris ordered the house beer.

I have been on a hot wing craze, so we ordered some to start. For our meals, Chris ordered a chicken pot pie and I ordered the grilled turkey club with yam fries. The food didn’t take long and was great when it arrived. The portions were huge and extremely filling, however, we still wanted to order some dessert.

We asked or the dessert menu, but because of Chris’s nut allergy, there was nothing we could order, which was really disappointing. We had great drinks and meals, and a damper was kind of put on the end of our dinner date with the lack of nut free options.

Even though we were slightly disappointed with the lack of something sweet, we would still definitely go back to try different options on the menu.

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