The Flying Pig Gastown

Trying new restaurants is my favourite thing. How can you go wrong with trying new types of foods and cocktails? To finish off my birthday celebrations, I went out with the J-Girls in Gastown.


I wanted to go for a dressy-casual look since we weren’t going to super fancy places. I wore my Paris tee from Old Navy, with my burgundy tulle skirt from Love Culture and topped it off with my leather jacket from Topshop. I also went casual with my white Keds, so I could be comfortable all night long.


Sarah, Amy and I arrived a little bit before we were all going to meet for dinner. To kill some time and catch up, we went to Chill Winston for drinks. Amy and Sarah had been at the restaurant before I arrived. When I found them outside, they had already ordered me a drink (and the one I wanted to try) without even asking. They are the best!

Half-way through our cocktails, Cassidy met us as well. Laura was on her way when she stopped in the Flying Pig, where we had chosen to go for dinner, and put our names down. We were told we would have a half-hour wait. We finished up our drinks and headed down to the restaurant.

To stay out of the way we stood outside and talked…for an hour. The wait for our table was a lot longer than we were told. Around 8pm, we were finally seated. The host was very apologetic and sent over two charcuterie boards to say sorry.

Since we were celebrating my birthday, we ordered a bottle of Prosecco to share. With the long wait, we were all starving and jumped right into the food menu. I ordered the mushroom gnocchi, with a side of truffle mac and cheese to share with Amy because I heard it was to die for.

It didn’t take long for our food to arrive and it was absolutely delicious. While the gnocchi was very, very tasty, I wish that I could have had the mac and cheese as a meal. The mac and cheese was out of this world.

We were all super stuffed after our meals, but the waitress brought a chocolate cake to celebrate it being my birthday. The cake was massive, way more than the 6 of us could eat, but we finished it. The cake, a mix of vanilla and chocolate, had a homemade taste.


I highly recommend the Flying Pig. Even though we had a long wait, it was definitely worth it.

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