The Fair at the PNE

Every Summer The Fair at the PNE opens for the last two weeks of August. Although Playland, the rides around the park, is open all Summer long, The Fair is only open for a limited time. The Fair includes different kiosks, a market place, petting zoo, pig races, shows, parades, a lottery home and many different food trucks. If you aren’t one for rides, or don’t want to ride on them all day long, the time to go is when The Fair opens.

We decided to go the day after the PNE opened. We were hoping that it wouldn’t be as busy as the other days. We were right. Although there were still thousands of people, it wasn’t as busy as it usually is.

We bought Fair Gate and Ride tickets, which give you entire access to the PNE, with ride passes, which let you ride all the different rides in Playland. As Fiona doesn’t like rides, we thought we would go do that first, to get them out of the way. We ended up leaving her for about 2 hours, but rode different rides, including the famous wooden roller coaster, and the new ride, the Beast.

After the rides we met up with Fiona, just in time to make it to the barn to watch the Pig Races. This event is on twice a day, annually. While we were there, Global News were there filming. The pig race first started with a duck race, which was more humorous than a race. Then two pig races followed. It was fun to watch.

The pig races lasted about 20 minutes. By this time, we were starving! We decided to split off, with Chris, his brother Josh, and I, wanting to go check out the food trucks. We walked around before deciding on the Mac and Cheese truck, Reel Mac and Cheese, my favourite. I ordered one that was full of meat; bacon and hot dogs. It was delicious. When we finished eating, we still had a little bit of time before we were all going to meet up again to watch the Super Dogs. We were close by the beer garden so we decided to have a drink.

5pm came quickly. The Super Dogs is another annual show at the PNE. Each year they have a different theme. This year it was ‘Rock and Roll’. The dogs, all with famous musician names, performed tricks like dancing, jumping and lots of races. It is a fun family friendly show that really gets the audience involved.

When the show ended, we had just over an hour to go on more rides before watching the magic show. The PNE puts on a different nightly show each year. Last year it was the Peter Pan musical, this year it was a magic show. While the show was longer than we expected, just under two hours, it was super entertaining. With joke magic and illusions, you couldn’t take your eyes off the stage.

All in all, we had a fantastic day at the PNE. While it is something that is put on annually, it always seems to be a bit different. If you are ever in the Vancouver area during the end of summer, the Fair at the PNE is a must do for everybody.

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