Whistler, B.C.

With Chris’ family visiting, we couldn’t explore British Columbia without going up to Whistler.

To get to Whistler you have to take the freeway to Vancouver and then join onto the Sea to Sky Highway. The name of the highway says it all. As you drive up the mountain side, you have sea to sky views the entire way up. Taking advantages of the views, we made several different ‘pit stops’ on the way.

First was Porteau Cove. We stopped here to have a picnic lunch. With amazing views of the sea, islands and mountain side, it is here that you can become a certified diving. There are also many different picnic tables, campsites and beaches that you can use.

After lunch we continued on our drive up. Out next stop included an obstructed view of white-capped mountain tops. We took several photos before finishing off our drive into Whistler.

When we arrived into Whistler the parking lots where completely packed. Crankworx, an annual biking event, was going on. That meant EVERYONE was up in Whistler watching the event.

We drove around for a while before heading up the mountain further. We found a gravel and dirt parking lot, where we seemed to be the only cars. Since we were so high up, there was no way we could walk down to the village. Luckily, we parked right beside a free gondola that takes you straight into the village. The views were beautiful, however, not quite as breathtaking as the gondola you pay to take you up to the top of the mountain.

Once we were in the village we decided to walk around and explore all the different shops before meeting up again a few hours later. Once we all met up again, we walked over to the Olympic rings, as Whistler was where all the mountain events for the 2010 Olympics took place.


The heat was becoming a bit too much for us, reaching up to 35 °C. We thought it would be a good idea to grab an ice cream from the Cows ice cream shop, before heading up the gondola to our air conditioned cars.

Taking advantage of more of the views on the way down the mountain, we stopped and took more photos every few view points.

Whistler is such a fun place to explore and go out in, both during the Summer time and Winter. When you are visiting British Columbia, Whistler is a must see place to go.

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