White Rock

When Chris had his first visit to Canada, one place I took him to was White Rock. So it was only fitting that for his family’s first visit to Canada, we took them there as well.

White Rock is a little beach town lined with shows, a pier and a boardwalk. It is right on the ocean, over looking the United States. It is such a unique little town; you forget where you are.


When we arrived we started by going in and out of the shops. They are so unique, ranging from book shops, rock shops and clothing shops. By the time we were at the end of the line of shops, we were starting to get hungry for lunch. We just happened to be stopped outside of a fish and chips restaurant, so that’s where we ended up.

Once we finished lunch, we decided to walk down the other side of the street, along the board walk, and down the pier. We stopped and watch people fish for crabs, take photos and jump off the end of the pier into the freezing water.

After people watching, we all decided to walk to the end of the beach and enjoy laying out in the warm sunshine. We laid out at the beach for a few hours before the hunger pangs started again. While we were jumping in and out of the shops, we had noticed the Boathouse Restaurant, a higher-end seafood restaurant. We all agreed this would be a great place for dinner.


I didn’t have a huge appetite after sitting in the sun so I ordered myself a Bellini, with soup and salad for dinner. Everyone else got tacos, curries and pastas. The food was delicious and the view of the ocean was incredible.

This little town often gets overlooked, by tourists and locals. It is a great place to spend a few hours or a whole summer’s day.

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