After a lovely day spent in Victoria, we thought it would be great to enjoy more that Vancouver Island had to offer. Before leaving Victoria, we drove over to Hatley Castle.

This castle has been in place since the 1800’s. First it was a family home, then it was purchased as a safe-house for the royals during war time and then it became a military school. Now, it is part of Royal Roads University.

From the outside, it is incredible. It is located on a large area of land and the castle over looks the ocean. There are several different gardens that are still maintained. The inside of the castle is incredible as well, however, this time we weren’t able to go in due to a wedding. Because we couldn’t do the full tour of the castle, we decided to have a quick look around the basement museum before heading out towards Nanaimo.

It is roughly a one and a half hours’ drive to Nanaimo from Victoria. Since we had a longer drive, we decided to take advantage of the coastal highway and stop at view points. The best view point we stopped at was the Malahat viewpoint. The view was incredible. You could see Victoria and other bits of Vancouver Island. You could also see Mount Baker in the distance, as it was a very clear day.

After spending a little while at the view point, we went on our way. My grandparents live by a lake in Nanaimo; it was such a hot day; we couldn’t wait to make it there.

When we arrived we all caught up quickly before walking to the lake. We changed into our bathing suits and got right in for a swim. The water was cold when you first got in, but you quickly got used to it. Chris, my grandma Nancy, Chris’ dad Ian and I swam around for about an hour.

Many people had rented kayaks, paddle boards and canoes. We thought that this was a great idea to do before we headed back for dinner. Chris and I went out on a canoe and paddled around the entire lake before I switched out with Ian to help my grandma with dinner.

I headed back to my grandparents’ place where I helped get hot dogs, hamburgers and salads ready before going to gather everyone up. We had made ferry reservations for that evening which were creeping up. We were having so much fun at the lake that we lost track of time. After eating dinner very quickly, we had to run to ensure we made our reservations.

It was a great, relaxing weekend on Vancouver Island. The island is a great place to explore to experience many different views and ways of life.

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