Science World

Sometimes having younger siblings is great. It gives you a chance to enjoy things you may not really be able to as an adult.
Chris and I took my siblings, Madelyn and Ethan, to Science World not too long ago. White Spot was putting on a great deal earlier in the summer. When you bought a kids meal you received a free kid’s entry to Science World. We figured why not take advantage of that.
We took them both on the skytrain, which stops just outside of Science World. We quickly walked over and lined up to get our tickets. We payed a little bit extra to watch the Omnimax movie, which I think is always worth it.
First we explored the outdoor exhibit, all about plants and water. It was warm, so we didn’t stay out very long. When we came inside we played with all the exhibits that were mind tricks and optical illusions. After playing for a while we heard the announcement for the hourly demonstration show. This one was about air and the kids were really interested. We found a seat and watched the show.
As soon as the show finished we moved upstairs. Here we found more things the kids could play with involving sound, air and bodies. While the kids were having a lot of fun, we had to watch the time to make it to our Omnimax film.
Time crept up on us quickly. We had to rush down to eat lunch at Triple O’s and then run to the very top of the building to the movie. This movie was about mammoths and the ice age. Madelyn really enjoyed it but Ethan got bored.
After the movie, we still had three exhibits to see. First was the exhibit on fossils and rocks. This was one of the kids favourites as there were fossils of dinosaurs. Next was the exhibit on human bodies. There were real organs and facts about diseases.
Lastly was the feature exhibit. It was called Top Secret. You become a spy and do a scavenger hunt using spy technologies. It was a really cool exhibit but it was a bit too old for a 6 year old and a 3 year old.
After Top Secret it was time to go home. We had spent our entire day at Science World and had so much fun. Science world is a great place for all ages, but a lot more fun when you’re with younger ones.

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