Chris and I don’t have a chance to go downtown for dinner much anymore. The other week we finally had a chance to go out.


It wasn’t super warm out so I decided to wear my ripped grey jeans from Primark, my boyfriend fitted white t-shirt from Old Navy, and to add a little bit of colour, I tied my red plaid shirt from Urban Outfitters around my waist. I wanted to dress up my look a little bit, but didn’t want to wear heels. I chose to wear my slightly heeled motorcycle boots, that were a great find from Winners years ago.

We headed downtown and started to crave Italian. Chris looked it up and the first place that popped up was Zefferelli’s on Robson street. The menu online looked great, so we decided to go find it. It was a bit hard to find as it is hidden above the Cactus Club restaurant. We went up the little stairway, not quite sure if we were going to the right place.

The stairway led us straight into the restaurant. We were seated right away. After taking a look at the menu we decided to order a bottle of red wine, the OZV Zinfandel, which I hadn’t tried before. Before we had a chance to order our wine, our waitress brought over fresh bread and a tomato sauce.

The menu looked fabulous and the specials sounded delicious. We ended up ordering mussels in a wine sauce as an appetizer. For our mains, Chris ordered a chicken carbonara, and I ordered crab ravioli off of the specials menu.
It didn’t take long before the mussels came. They weren’t the best we have ever had, but they were still good.

We finished them quickly. As we waited, we enjoyed our wine. Our meals didn’t take long either. While the muscles weren’t anything to rave about, our meals were amazing. Usually I find that ravioli isn’t super filling, however, this one was stuffed full, I couldn’t finish it all.

Chris and I had wanted to try the desserts after dinner, but we were way too full. I was extremely pleased with this spontaneous dinner date, I can’t wait to go back and try it again.

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I am a journalism graduate with a passion for storytelling. I have a love for fashion and travel which brought to life Fashionable Travels.

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