Big Feast Bistro – Brunch

As promised, my Big Feast brunch review…

Last Saturday Chris, Sarah, her boyfriend Dustin and I met up at Big Feast Bistro. I chose to wear my New Look pastel coloured dress, with my American Eagle denim jacket, and leather woven flats.


It was a lovely sunny and warm day so we decided to sit outside. The only downside of being outside, was that we weren’t able to order mimosas – coffee would have to do.


We all studied the menu for a while. There were so many yummy choices, none of us could choose! In the end we all made our decisions and waited anxiously for our meals. In the meantime the company was great and the conversation was flowing.


In no time our food arrived. I had ordered the eggs Benedict with ham, and Chris ordered   a breakfast sandwich, while Sarah and Dustin each got a different type of meat hash dish. Everyone’s food looked amazing.


The one thing that I really do love about Big Feast Bistro, is not only the great atmosphere, but also the portion sizes. They aren’t too big, but they don’t leave you hungry when you’re done either. Needless to say, I will be going back soon to try more.

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