Moving On Up

A few months ago my best friend Karleigh called me and told me she and her boyfriend, Nick, had bought their first house. I was so excited for them, I couldn’t wait until they moved in. They moved in the week after we got back from England, but due to scheduling conflicts, we weren’t able to help out. Last week we were finally able to visit for the first time!

I was in awe when we pulled into her driveway. They had bought the cutest little white house with a lovely front yard. With our housewarming basket in hand, I couldn’t wait to see the inside.

It was warm out so I chose to wear my blue patterned Matalan with my white Primark shoes.

As soon as we walked in you were in the middle of the family room and dinning room. Through the dining room you are straight into the open kitchen. There was a tonne of room to prep and cook. Past the family room was a guest bedroom, bathroom, office and master suite. Back through the kitchen, you were taken through the garage and out to the massive backyard.

We spent most of our time outside as it was a nice day out. Karleigh had made pulled chicken sandwiches for dinner which were delicious, with coleslaw for a side. Karleigh’s dog, Dexter, wanted some of our dinner too.

After dinner, as it started to get dark, we decided to have our first campfire of the year. It was so nice just to sit by the fire and talk, celebrating the purchase of, and move in to, their new house.

Congratulations on your first home, Karleigh and Nick, now Chris and I have more reason to come explore Mission!

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