A Day in London


I love going to England and visiting friends I haven’t seen in a year. It’s even more fun when we go for a day trip together.

My friends Roscoe (Michael, but I never call him that), Harry and I decided to meet up in London for a day.

I woke up early to make the trek down south. I caught my first train, Burscough to Wigan at 9:30am. I then had a connection in Wigan straight to London Euston. I finally arrived, just before 12:30pm. It was a beautiful day so I decided to wait in the sunshine outside the station for Roscoe.

It wasn’t long until Roscoe arrived. We decided to find a pub to wait for Harry in. A good catch up and a few pints later, Harry arrived. We had a few more drinks and a shot before heading out to explore London.

The three of us had decided to go to the aquarium. I had been before but thought it would be fun. We arrived at Westminster station after taking the underground from Euston. When we were outside we had a clear view of the London eye and Big Ben. We were going with a tourist theme, and took many selfies in front of the monuments.

By this time it was getting late so we stopped in the McDonald’s beside the Sea Life aquarium. After a quick meal, it was time to look at the fish.

We had so much fun. We spent just over an hour in the aquarium, marveling at the different fish, sharks and stingrays. Of course, we took a lot of photos throughout.

On the way out we had to go through the gift shop. We all picked up things we really didn’t need. Roscoe got a poster, Harry got a ball and we all bought a small treasure chest, unsure what was inside.  We left with our purchases, excited to see what our treasure was. To our, well no just my, dismay, it was black goo.

It was just after 5pm by the time we were done. We had earlier decided to meet up with Roscoe’s friend Joe, who works at the parliament buildings.

Before finding another pub, we walked down to Buckingham Palace, which was further than I remembered. However, I was happy for the walk in the rare, English sun.  We took some photos and then Joe suggested the pub below Parliament, that he could get us into.

He took us around the back of the parliament building and got us visitor passes. To go in, you had to go through security that was no different to security at an airport. Before the pub, Joe took us on a tour of the building. We were shown the original building, the lobby where interviews of MPs take place. From the lobby you could see into the House of Commons where the MPs were debating.

That concluded that bit of the tour and Joe quickly took us through a private door that you needed a pass into. We took a small, spiral staircase down to a door that read “visitors must be escorted by ID pass holders”. Through the door was a small pub filled with men in suits drinking cheap beer. It felt like we were in a different world. It was really neat.

The four of us drank quickly in order to see more of the buildings before catching our trains home. We were taken into an underground tunnel that led from the parliament building to an office building across the street where Joe worked.

We had a quick tour of the lobby and office before we went to catch an underground train. As we were leaving, we passed Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour party. It was pretty surreal.

The lads rode the train with me before I quickly said my goodbyes  got off at the stop before them because I was sure I was cutting it close for my 8pm train. Just my luck, I arrived for my train to find it would leave at 8:30pm instead of 8pm. I now know what the London rush really feels like.

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