Maxi Dresses and Messy Beach Waves

This spring has brought some amazing weather, you would definitely think it was already summer. Warm weather and sunny skies are my favourite. Bright colours and blooming flowers will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

When it’s warm I go to my two favourite things – messy beach waves and maxi dresses. With long hair, putting a salt water texturizing spray in after a shower will give you an effortless wave. You will look like you just spent the day at the beach. I use my curling wand once my hair is dry to get any pieces that didn’t curl properly.

To go with an effortless feel, I love to throw on a maxi dress. Not only are they super comfortable, but they look like you put effort in before you left the house.

For my first maxi dress of the season, I chose my brand new mint green one from The Rio Boutique. The top, with intricate stitching, is padded and stretchy for all day comfort. I accessorized with my Leah Alexandra ring and delicate Tiffany&Co heart necklace.

What is your favourite look for a sunny, warm day?




To get 10% off your order at The Rio Boutique, use code ‘BAMegan’. If you wish to use a different code, add the word ‘Megan’ in the shipping comments, or mention my name in store.

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